A Reflection on the US Presidential Election of 2016

Have you ever faced a “Colossal Defeat? If so how did you deal with it?

I ask these questions having witnessed yesterday (November 9), Hillary Rodham Clinton dealing with such a loss, not an ordinary loss, a loss of a national election to the highest office in the land, if not the world– the Presidency of the United States of America.

Whether you have voted for her or for the other candidate-Donald Trump, her concession speech ought to have touched your soul.

In her concession speech, she has exhibited both serenity in defeat and uplifting of her countrymen spirit.
I was touched by her eloquence; she exhibited a “real” class. As a female member of the species, I wish her well. I wanted her to win, not necessarily because of her “unsurpassed” qualifications, or better judgment or truthfulness, but because of her “gender”, yes her gender.

A woman president would have placed this country among the great, both in ancient history and in modern times for their recognition of “Women”. Unfortunately, that would not be.

Hillary Clinton should have won; should have won not because she advocated a vision for America that put it on a par with great “democracies”, not because she expounded on the need to embrace people of all nationalities and origin, but to me because she was a” woman”- a candidate representing a gender that was beat down by a system that discounts the qualifications of women, against those of not their betters but for the fact of gender– being men.

With sadness I view her defeat and accept the judgment of the people. That what democracy is about– win or lose you must uphold as “sacred” the “will” of the people. In this 2016 election, the people spoke more loudly than ever.

Hillary Clinton has accepted in good grace the “decision” of the people. I salute her and wish her the best.