January 2018

Click to see the Introduction to the book: The Demise of Fiscal Policy: The State of Public Finance by Attiat F. Ott (Work in Progress). 

Click to see Dead on Arrival: The Politics of Budget Making at the Federal Level published in the Athens Journal of Business and Economics


Using Statistics of U.S. federal budget dating back to the 1900’s the paper provides a test to a proposition in the political science literature stating that a divided government, where the legislative branch and the executive branch belong to different political parties, give rise to worse political budget policy outcomes than would be the case under a unified government

July 2013

The Rate of Return to Aging: A Capital Stock Accounting published in the journal of International Advances in Economic Research.

Not until recently, the measurement of the stock of human capital attracted the attention of scholars and researchers. In the 21st century estimates of the stock of human capital for the US and several EU countries were developed. Using data from the recent estimates of the stock of human capital the hypothesis advanced in the paper is that the elderly population does not absorbed more of society resources than what they have contributed.

June 2013

This volume seeks to provide insight about the role of economists. In order to do so, it is necessary to clearly define the subject, in other words, what the discipline is all about. A journey through the history of economic thought will unlock the doors to not only what economists actually do but also what economics is all about.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-0128-7

October 2011

Modeling Mass Killing: For Gain or Ethnic Cleansing a paper written with the collaboration of Sang Hoo Bae. Published in The Handbook on the Economics of Conflict (Chapter 4).

Over the period 1989 to 2004 there were 118 conflicts of which 90 were intrastate, 21 internationalized intrastate, and 7 were interstate. Violent conflict give rise to mass killing episodes. This episode involve the killing of civilian as well as combatant. The analysis suggests that a third party plays a significant role in civil war and may lead to lengthening of the conflict. The paper uses a game theoretic approach to modeling the conflict when a third party is involved.

December 2010

The purpose of the paper: “Planes versus Passengers: Effects of Airline Alliances on Traffic and Seats” is to shed light on two questions: Did airline alliances live up to air carriers’ expectations? and who gained and who lost? To do this, data from the US Department of Transportation on airline departures, passengers, capacity (passengers/seats available) and net income are used. To see the paper click here.

August 2009

Special Issue: Developing the African Continent which was published in the Journal of international Advances in Economic Research and Guest Edited by A. F. Ott. Only the electronic versions are available at this moment. The physical copy will come out at the end of August 2009.
This special issue, “Developing the African Continent: Selected Issues,” is the outgrowth of a conference held in Gaborone, Botswana, August 19–21, 2008 sponsored by the Institute for Economic Policy Studies (IEPS). The theme of this conference was, “Developing the African Continent: Who is in Charge?”

The articles in this issue are the following: 

1) Introduction to the Special Issue by Attiat F. Ott (click here to see PDF)

2) Keynote Address: U.S. Government’s Efforts for Growth in Southern Africa by Tina Dooley-Jones (click here to see PDF)

3) Is Economic Integration The Solution to African Development? by Attiat F. Ott and Oswaldo Patino (click here to see PDF)

4) Is There a Link Between Exchange Rate Pass-Through and the Monetary Regime: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America by Naa Aneyeley Akofio-Sowah (click here to see PDF)

5) A Regional Perspective on Aid and FDI in Southern Africa by Henri Bezuidenhout (click here to see PDF)

6) Debt Relief Incentives in Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC): An Empirical Assessment by Dobdinga C. Fonchamnyo (click here to see PDF)

7) Does Corruption Persist In Sub-Saharan Africa? by Nicole Bissessar (click here to see PDF)

8) State-Sponsored Mass Killing in African Wars- Greed or Grievance? by Chyanda Querido (click here to see PDF)

June 2006

Attiat F. Ott’s new book released!
Attiat F. Ott and Richard Cebula, editors, The Elgar Companion on Public Economics, Elgar Publishing, UK.

February 2003

The Public Sector in the Global Economy: From the Driver’s Seat to the Back Seat, Elgar Publishing, UK.

September 2003

William E. Simon’s Contribution to Economic Policy
A Retrospective Look at the Simon Agenda, A Special issue of the Atlantic Economic Journal, Attiat F. Ott, guest editor. Contributions by Attiat F. Ott, Vlad Dolgopolov, Sheila Vegari, and Gladstone Hutchinson.

A Personal Reminiscence: The Seventh Vote
A Tribute to Nobel Laureate James Buchanan’s 80th birthday, by Attiat F. Ott