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Program Overview - The African Outreach Program
The Institute for Economic Studies' primary program is the African Outreach Program, comprised of two initiatives, the Education Program, and the Outreach Scholars Program.
The Education Program

The Education Program is a one week, ten (10) participant seminar designed to enhance African universities' economics faculty members' understanding of societal and economic freedom. As Amartya Sen aptly put it, “the enhancement of freedom is ultimately an important motivating factor for assessing economic and social change”, (Development as Freedom, 2000, p. 289).

The annual seminar will be held in an African country, designated as the “anchor" country, with participants selected from outside the anchor country. Reading assignments will be given in advance so that fruitful dialogues ensue. Observers from the anchor country will be invited to attend. A summary of the proceedings will be made available.

The Outreach Scholars Program
The Outreach Scholars Program is a two weeks program aimed at bringing to Clark University (and/or another US institutions of higher education) college teachers in Economics to take part in an educational research program set up by the Institute in consultation with African Universities and Institutes. The Outreach Scholars programs will be designed so that participants will be able to participate in scholarly meetings in the US and elsewhere by facilitating for them exchanges of ideas and cooperative research with scholars in the US.

The Institute will provide funding to support the participation of those invited to take part in its programs.

Building a Bridge of Knowledge Program

Central to a successful engagement, whether in educational or policy arenas, is information. The Institute’s “Building a Bridge of Knowledge” Program (BBK) is designed to reduce the cost of information to its participants. This is accomplished through:

  • Data Bank: Countries’ data, including economic, social, and political indicators are complied, updated, and sorted for easy access. On-line access through the IEPS website is available.
  • Archive: Research policy papers and other materials pertaining to the selected African nations (see AOP) will be catalogued for easy access, findings summarized, and papers made available through the IEPS website.
  • Position Papers: Addressing international mandates – WTO trade liberalization, IMF and World Bank fiscal and monetary mandates, privatization of public enterprises and decentralization of governance and promoting democratic institutions. IEPS members and affiliates will highlight the issues and help bridge the gap between design and implementation.
  • Newsletter: Coverage of specific issues, policy pronouncements affecting the African nations will be made available on the IEPS website.

The BBK program tasks are initiated and maintained by IEPS.


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