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About Us
The Institute for Economic Policy Studies has its antecedent in the Institute for Economic Studies at Clark University's Economics Department, established in 1980. Although similar in scope in that both Institutes provide a framework within which international scholars engage in cooperative research and exchange of ideas, the Institute for Economic Policy Studies' mission is focused on Africa.
Mission Statement

“In a free society, public participation is key for safeguarding freedom.  To participate, one needs to be informed; however, information is costly both in terms of time and money.  The Institute’s fundamental objective is lowering the cost of participation”.

Fulfilling the Mission

The Institute for Economic Policy Studies is dedicated to finding new solutions to current economic challenges facing developing countries in Africa.  Committed to the idea that economic literacy is critical for responsible policy making, Institute members aim to promote economic education through seminars, dialogue, and position papers.  In all efforts, the goal is to further understanding of economic issues and policy questions and to encourage greater participation of the intended groups in determining and shaping the course of their economies.

Towards this goal IEPS is initiating the “African Outreach Program: Understanding Freedom”.


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