Building a bridge of knowledge.

The Institute For Economic Policy Studies

Building a bridge of knowledge.

“In a free society, public participation is key for safeguarding freedom.  To participate, one needs to be informed; however, information is costly both in terms of time and money.  The Institute’s fundamental objective is lowering the cost of participation”.



JANUARY 26/2018: Tax Reform: Chasing an Illusive Dream by Attiat F. Ott (Forthcoming).

JANUARY 22/2018: Check out the Introduction to the book: The Demise of Fiscal Policy: The State of Public Finance by Attiat F. Ott (Work in Progress) in our Publications page.

JANUARY 15/2018: Check out our latest publication “Dead on Arrival: The Politics of Budget Making at the Federal Level” by Attiat F. Ott in our Publications page.


Institute members at the Dedication of Professor Ott Seminar Room, Jonas Clark Hall, Clark University year 2005

About Us

The Institute for Economic Policy Studies, Inc. is a research institution located in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. The Institute is a private, independent, non-profit organization focusing on issues relevant to African countries’ economic, social, and political development. The Institute for Economic Policy Studies is recognized by the United States Government as a non-profit organization under the 501(c)(3) status. The Institute for Economic Policy studies is dedicated to finding new solutions to current economic challenges facing developing countries in Africa. Institute members aim to promote economic education through seminars, conferences and position papers. In all efforts, the goal through engagement with African scholars is to further understanding of economic issues and policy at the foundation of economic development.

The African initiatives were supported by Grants from the Earhart Foundation and other private support.

The Institute for Economic Policy Studies has its antecedent in the Institute for Economic Studies at Clark University’s Economics Department, established in 1980 with an initial grant from the Olin Foundation. Although similar in scope in that both Institutes provide a framework within which international scholars engage in cooperative research and exchange of ideas, the Institute for Economic Policy Studies’ mission is focused on Africa.


The President of the Institute and Chair of the Board of Directors is Attiat F. Ott, Research/ Emeritus Professor of Economics Clark University, Worcester, MA 01610. The Institute is overseen by a Board of Directors, consisting of :


Attiat F. Ott, PhD, President and Chair [CV in PDF] 

Ludwig Dittrich,PhD Economics,Clerk

Vlad Dolgopolov, PhD Economics, Treasurer (Associate Dean and Associate Professor at National Louis University

Gladstone Hutchinson,PhD Economics, Director

Sheila Vegari, PhD Economics, Director

Dr. Vegari, a member of the Board of the Institute, is the Co-author of a 2013 book:What Economists do? A journey through the History of Economic Thought”. Dr. Vegari has written several articles on monetary Economics and Economic Theory. Currently, she is writing for the Institute Web page a review of a recent book by Ben Bernanke: The Courage to Act. The book is clearly most timely, given the recent turmoil in the Stock market.

Nicole Bissessar, PhD Economics

Mike Johnson, PhD Economics

Navila Nace, PhD Economics

Bonnie Orcutt, PhD Economics

Bonnie Orcutt is a professor of Economics at Worcester State University where in addition to teaching responsibilities, she serves as an assessment fellow. She is the former Director of Learning Outcomes Assessment at the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. Her current interests revolve around finding ways to create an inclusive classroom environment,  how issues of diversity might be incorporated systematically in the teaching and research of Economics. 

Oswaldo Patino, PhD Economics, MBA Finance
Vlad Dologoplov, PhD Economics, MA in Management